Education and training, research and innovation: these are areas widely recognised as being at the heart of the UK and India's "unbeatable combination" (as Prime Minister Modi has called it). British education and research enjoys a very high reputation in India, but realisation of the potential for Indian students to access that education and for research partnerships between Indian and British institutions remains well below both countries' aspirations.

Our ambition is for the British Education Centres to offer an academic platform in India to British education and training providers and academic visitors and researchers, giving them a familiar base from which to operate and engage with the Indian population and corporate world. The British Education Centre will give British education and training providers the assurance that they will have home territory - designed and equipped to the highest standards - to deliver their courses, to pursue research, to hold events and to raise their profile with a view to attracting more students to work with them, both in India and in the UK.

We aim to make a significant and sustained contribution to India's development by allowing hundreds of thousands of Indians, especially the young whose skills will drive India's growth in the coming years, much easier access to a range of British education and training, suitably adapted to the local scene but maintaining the high standards with which British providers are associated.