UK is known for its world class education and prestigious universities that offer a wide range of courses. There are Traditional Universities (Top Ranked and have high entry requirements) and the Modern Universities (Moderate Ranked) with over 5000 different Undergraduate courses to choose from. The course Duration is 3 years for most of courses except for Medicine and Architecture which are for 5 years. Most Universities accept qualifications of Indian Boards (CBSE, ISC, State Boards, IB and A- Levels) for direct entry into year 1 of UK University.

Counselling at The British Education Centre

  • Team of Specialist Counselors – Dedicated and trained Counselors. Our counselors are knowledgeable about the large pool of available courses and help students understand their options and identify the right area of education.
  • Selection of Best and Balanced Choices of Universities – for individual students done based on significant factors like predicted grades, career prospects, subject rankings, overall University rankings, location of Universities, financial costs and scholarships
  • Guidance on Statement of Purpose (SOP) and Letter of References (LOR’s) – All students are required to write brief essay to be uploaded along with application. Our counsellors guide students in the above.
  • Financials: Information on tuition fee, loans, scholarship and funding is provided.
  • Assistance on the visa application process is also provided.

Information and access to pre departure events at the British education centre is a part of the counseling services.

Duration of each session: 45 min