Patricia Anne Spencer
EAP Tutor
University of Kent / Centre for English and World Languages

I thoroughly enjoyed teaching those wonderful students. It is an experience that I will never forget.

Professor William Cushley
International Dean for the Eurasia & South Asia
University of Glasgow

"A tremendous event. The atmosphere was terrific and the kids obviously enjoyed the day immensely. The organisation on the day was exemplary. Good things never happen by accident. The design of the day was excellent. Looking forward to working together on other projects going forward."

Aditya Malkani
Country Head (India)
King’s Worldwide | King's College London

Greetings from King's College London. Thank you once again for organizing the session at the Centre. The students were extremely grateful!

Charlene Mary Earl
International Pathways Manager (Acting)
Centre for English and World Languages Kent International Pathways

I thoroughly enjoyed my time spent with the team at the British Education Centre. I have no doubt that the Centre will continue to flourish and provide a wonderful learning opportunity for many Indian students, for many years to come.

Vanshaj Gandhi
Venkateshwar International School – Dwarka Sector - 10

Thank you British Education Centre for being the best, and giving amazing memories, we got the best teachers Trisha and Charlene from Kent University.

R Balachander
(Partner and National Leader, Accounting, Compliance and Reporting)

“I see the British Education Centre as being able to provide high level executive management and short courses to mid to senior management level staff to organisations like EY in India. This is a dearth of high quality education imparting institutions to large corporates and British Education Centre can explore the abundant opportunities available here.”

Prof. M.M Pant
(Ex - Pro-Vice-Chancellor IGNOU. Ex - faculty of IIT, Kanpur, NIT, Allahabad)

"If you want to learn......any topic to be future ready, the British Education Centre, would have possibilities, the right ambience and infra-structure, and if you step out you find yourself at Cyber-Hub, probably the coolest place to hang out."

Mr. Pranav Bhasin
(University of Glasgow Scholarship winner, student of Amity International School, Sector 46, Gurgaon)

I must tell you the centre is enthralling. The entire experience is great. The moment I enter, I feel a factor of homeliness that you could feel at peace while you are studying. I do recommend this place to all of my friends. Thank you ,so much for giving this experience.