Each individual has innate intelligences that can be nurtured if present. Interests can be built over a period of time and skills can be acquired through practice and perseverance. Self -awareness about one’s own interests and aptitude can go a long way in helping one take the right career decision.

Psychometric testing began with efforts to device scientific instruments for measurement and study of individual differences, intelligences, aptitudes and interests. The tool used for measuring the aptitude/abilities of a student is a standardized test which measures and assesses the abilities along eight different domains. The abilities are quantified and analyzed. The scores are interpreted and represented graphically to present a self- explanatory picture of one’s individual abilities.

Interest is assessed using an inventory that brings out interest along ten different areas. This reveals the main interest areas of the individual which if pursued are likely to lead to success.
Interpretations of both these assessments and a matching it up with career information can help student carve his/her own career path towards success.

Student profiles: Student profiles built based on both these tests are simple to understand and graphical representation facilitates their interpretation. A holistic picture is then presented to the students. Follow up sessions as a part of our ‘one to one counseling’ helps them to explore the way forward.

Duration of each Session: 2 hours

Session Fee: INR 3000