About The British Education Centre

The British Education Centre aims to make the best of British education much more accessible to India's vast young population - be they students or young executives - by bringing this education to India. British education rightly enjoys a very high reputation in India. But the number of young Indians who currently go to the UK represents only a fraction of those with an interest in accessing such high quality education. The British Education Centre will offer world-beating facilities and technology, set in British-designed centres which will bring the best of British education to the doorstep of those who want to benefit from it. Students and young professionals will be able to enjoy education and training ranging from professional development courses to university foundation courses, from technical qualifications to niche specialist skilling, from language to soft skills training. These will be certified by and sourced from British institutions, in some cases also taking students to the UK for part of their courses. The British Education Centre will aim to meet the desire of many to enjoy the benefits of British education and the ambition of British institutions to raise their profile and footprint in India.

"This is a fantastic initiative, good for Britain and India. I wish Paul and his whole team every success."

Sir James Bevan KCMG, Former UK High Commissioner in India